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   When it comes to ADU's we know you must have a lot of questions Divine Grace Construction is the knowledgable and trustworthy company for your next ADU project.


  DGC strives to make sure the process is easy and effortless for you. We customize the ADU based on your requirements making it a valuable addition to your home.


California supports homeowners wishing to perform a ADU's. However, there are specific regulations and laws that apply in different areas of the state. There are a lot of steps involved in order to complete the project successfully fortunately this is exactly where Divine Grace Construction can help you get the most out of your ADU project.

Design and planning comes first

The first step is generally architectural planning. DGC can help you with this process, in case you have architectural drawings, we can continue to the next step in the process. By working with us You will have a more detailed and thorough objectives and schematics. We can also advice on the prices and financing available. Don’t forget that DGC can work with the municipal zoning authorities in your location to make sure the ADU you are building is legal.


Next step is structural engineering

A structural engineer will help you verify that your architectural plans are actually safe and has stability. The engineer will analyze your land and your existing construction to make sure the ADU will be adequate for construction. Ideally, the analysis will confirm if the ADU is going to be a safe, durable and reliable structure.

Image by Daniel McCullough

Permits come next

In this step you get your local authorities approval verifying that the project is safe and legal. According to the SB 1069 bill only the ADUs that meet certain standards can be approved and issued a building permit. The local governments will then review the planning that has been done already to verify the safety of the construction project.



This next step starts we  summarize all details and budget. During construction phase one of the most important parts is following the plan, because minor details could ruin the architectural plan. Another important aspect is the workflow and following the dates of deliveries, inspections, estimated completion dates. We must stick to the plan that is why working with Divine Grace Construction prevents issues from falling through the cracks.

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